About Us

Started in Brazil and available to the world!

In 2015 Opeed.com has emerged as a concept, a way to help the next cheaply and with the highest quality, providing complete services of marketing, seo, traffic exchange and other products customized for dreamers.
All our services work in a free and clean way, without virus and without fine print. The quality of our service is based on cost benefit having the maximum quality and minimum price.
We have daily updates on our systems and websites. We always have high quality backlinks available so it can be downloaded by our customers at no cost.
We point you where you should focus and how you should proceed to increase your views and the reaches of your website, page or venture.
In 2016 through the MByte site we started to make everything happen, a commercial point was acquired and we render services to many companies, small businesses and even private individuals.
In 2017 we acquired our second lekr system whose project did not progress, but we did not give up focusing, believing and investing.
In 2018 We created Opeed.com and invested a lot of time and services that brought significant return and so from a service website we ended up becoming an online advertising agency. We serve several target audiences in order to help and focus on the quality of services they want to deliver.
Opeed.com nowadays is one of the leading traffic exchange and digital marketing service that enables thousands of webmasters with unlimited human visitors without tricks.
With opeed.com, users can receive hundreds of thousands of hits to their sites, get more money through advertising, increase Alexa's ranking on the website, increase the value of the website and increase people interested in the content of your site. Registration is easy and does not require a credit card.
It's 100% free! We offer affordable account upgrades starting at $ 5.00 a month, which unlocks various system functions such as geographic location, and more. We also offer point boosters and permanent slots at fixed prices.
Thank you to all users and clients of Opeed.com, without you nothing of what we do would be possible and thanks to you we always seek to improve the quality of our services.